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Location Managing -

Often a postion filled with very fluid and challenging requests, I have been location managing international film sets all over South and Southern Africa since 2004.


Shooting in Africa, like anywhere else in the world, is filled with its share of "hurdles" that need to be completed before filming can take place.


Possessing intimate and personal knowledge of these procedures, as well as  long standing relationships with relevant persons involved in the application processes, I am able to save productions both time and money, by making sure the correct channels are followed from the outset.


I will take care of all your location needs: from scouting locations as per the script, organising of Director recces, booking of locations, negotiating best rates and managing and keeping to budgets.


Your Transport and Unit needs can also be catered for if required, through the hiring of experienced crew to work side by side with me on your productions.


Feel free to view some of my past work on IMDB



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